Important Information on HVAC For Dummies

Most of us are familiar with what HVAC stands for – heating, ventilation and air conditioning, right?

Unfortunately, only a few people bother to know how HVAC systems really work. What are the main components that make up the entire system?

Suppose yours HVAC starts misbehaving or stops working completely. Suppose you’re trying to explain to someone what the problem is… Would you have any clue what or where the problem is?

Knowledge is power so it’s important to at least know the basics of your HVAC system and what to expect before enquiring about any boiler replacement services that are available online.

Here are your HVAC system’s parts that work together to give you that fresh air:

Parts Of Your HVAC System

The furnace

This part takes up the most space in your HVAC system. You see that door in the system that you almost never open? The furnace is behind it inside the basement.

It uses oil or natural gas to heat the air and move it from the heat exchanger and into the ducts. Actually, it is the heat exchanger that heats up the air to the correct temperature. It is not part of the furnace. Rather, it is just located inside the furnace.

The compressor

Inside the HVAC system is a part that looks like an upside-down bucket. That is the compressor. Its work is to pump the refrigerant through the entire system.

View it as the heart in your body, and the refrigerants the blood that gets to be pumped through vessels and arteries.

The condenser

The condensing unit works just like the sweat glands in your body. Just like your body releases sweat in order to cool down, the condenser gives off heat to the air that passes over it.

The work of the condenser is to cool the refrigerant. That is why the fan is always running; its coil pattern helps to increase the surface area allowing total ability to cool down.

The thermostat

This is the brain of your HVAC system.

It has the ability to shut the entire system off or turn it on.

It also controls the temperature and can operate any other special features installed alongside your HVAC.

You are probably already familiar with this component.

It is the small appliance most likely on the wall on the main level of your house.

The ductwork

The air ducts are for the purpose of moving air throughout your entire home. There is a section that direct air into the HVAC, and other sections that distribute air to the various rooms of your house.

The ductwork is the transit that moves hot and cold air, according to your liking.

The filter dryer

This component is located right next to the condensing unit. It is responsible for removing any unwanted particles that may be harmful to your breathing.

The vents

You are probably familiar with these rectangular covers that take and direct air to your homerooms.

The air conditioner

This component is found outside the house. It is the reason why you get to enjoy cool air when your house gets too hot.

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